Lura Forcum

ForcumLura Forcum is a fifth-year doctoral candidate in marketing at Indiana University. Her research explores why consumers sometimes respond to brands as if they were people and the outcomes of doing so. Her dissertation examines how controlling behavior by brands leads consumers to attribute a mind to the brand. Consequently consumers feel greater care and concern for the brand because it possesses a humanlike mind. This work has received dissertation awards from the Marketing Science Institute, Society for Marketing Advances, and Academy of Marketing Science / Mary Kay. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Management and the SAGE Handbook of Memory.

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Lura Forcum

Select Publications and Working Papers

Lura Forcum, Shanker Krishnan (2014), “Consumer Memory Dynamics: Effects of Branding and Advertising on Formation, Stability, and Use of Consumer Memory” The SAGE Handbook of Applied Memory

Lura Forcum, Herman Aguinis, Harry Joo (2013), “Using Market Basket Analysis in Management Research” Journal of Management