Johannes Berendt

Johannes-BerendtJohannes Berendt is a PhD student at the German Sports University in Cologne. His research focuses on the element of rivalry and conflict between brands. The 33-year-old, who holds a diploma in business management (Bielefeld University), worked as a European correspondent for ESPN SportsTicker, the Press Association and between 1999 and 2009. He then served four years as Global Head of PR for Team Sauerland, Europe´s biggest boxing promoter, before starting his PhD in 2013. He is exploring whether the concept of rivalry can help companies to manage their brand communities and build brand identity.

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Johannes Berendt

Select Publications and Working Papers

Uhrich, S., Berendt, J. & Koenigstorfer, J. (forthcoming): Rivalry in the German Bundesliga – Opportunities and threats for marketing football. In: S. Chadwick, D. Arthur & J. Beech, International cases in the business of sport. Routledge, Oxford.

Berendt, J. & Uhrich, S. (2015). Exploring The Love-Hate Relationship between Archrivals: The Rivalry Ambivalence Model.  Paper presented at 23rd Conference of the European Association for Sport Management, Dublin, Ireland, September 09-12, 2015.

Berendt, J. & Uhrich, S. (2015). Love-and Hate-Thy Enemy: The Benefits of Sport Spectators’ Disidentification with a Rival Team. Paper presented at North American Association for Sport Management Conference 2015, Ottawa, Canada, June 02-06, 2015.

Berendt, J. & Uhrich, S. (2015). Berendt_Uhrich Rivalry Presentation_revised“More than Violence: Positive Effects of Fan Rivalry on Sports Fans´ Identity.” Paper presented at Arbeitskreis Sportoekonomie Conference, Leipzig, Germany, April 24-25, 2015.

Johannes Berendt, “Love Thy Enemy – Exploring The Benefits of Brand Rivalry”

BBR Accelerator 2015 Presentation