He (Michael) Jia

He-(Michael)-JiaHe (Michael) Jia is a Ph.D. candidate in marketing at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. His research mainly focuses on how visual cues in product designs (e.g., cuteness) and product displays (e.g., display speed, display size, and anthropomorphic presentation) in video and print ads influence consumer responses. He is particularly interested in the impacts of these visual cues on consumers’ various post-acquisition decisions, including brand choice of complementary goods for an already-owned product and willingness to retain an already-owned product, which have broad implications for increasing brand profitability and strengthening brand attachment.

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He (Michael) Jia

Select Publications and Working Papers

Eisingerich, Andreas B, Hae Eun Chun, Yeyi Liu, He (Michael) Jia, and Simon J. Bell (2015), “Why Recommend a Brand Face-to-Face but not on Facebook? How Word-of-Mouth on Online Social Sites Differs from Traditional Word-of-Mouth,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 25 (1), 120–128. (Equal Authorship)

Jia, He (Michael), Gratiana Pol, and C. Whan Park, “I’ll Keep the Cuddly One: Effects of Visual Cuteness versus Elegance on Product Retention,” revision invited at Journal of Consumer Research.

Jia, He (Michael), Sha Yang, Xianghua Lu, and C. Whan Park, “Do Consumers Always Spend More When Coupon Face Value is Larger? The Inverted U-Shaped Effect of Coupon Face Value on Consumer Spending Level,” revision invited at Journal of Marketing.

Jia, He (Michael) and B. Kyu Kim, “Slow It Down, Size It Up: The Speed-Based Scaling Effect in Size Assessments of Objects in Video Displays,” under review at Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

Kim, B. Kyu and He (Michael) Jia, “Super-Size Product Displays as a Forceful Persuasion Attempt: Self-Esteem Determines Compliant versus Reactant Behaviors,” under review at Journal of Consumer Research.

Jia, He Michael (2015), “ I Need My Own Part! Effects of Anthropomorphic Product Presentations on Brand Choice of Complementary Goods”

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