Eva Kipnis

KipnisEva Kipnis is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Coventry Business School, Coventry University, UK. Her research interests lie in the fields of multicultural marketplaces and transformative business research, with specific focus on: 1) multicultural people – their identity projects and consumption; 2) multicultural branding – approaches and implications; 3) organizations in multicultural marketplaces; and 4) brands in illicit market contexts. In her previous life Eva worked in Kazakhstan as a marketing manager and consultant advising companies such as Mittal Steel (now Arcelor Mittal), Mobil Oil and a range of retail brands on marketing strategies in Kazakhstan.

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Eva Kipnis

Select Publications and Working Papers

Demangeot, C., Broeckerhoff, A., Kipnis, E., Pullig, C., and Visconti, L.M. “Consumer mobility and well-being among changing places and shifting ethnicities” Marketing Theory (Forthcoming)

Visconti, L., Jafari, A., Batat, W., Kipnis, E., et al (2014) “Consumer ethnicity three decades after: A TCR agenda”  Journal of Marketing Management 30 (17-18), 1882-1922

Kipnis, E., Broderick, A. J., and Demangeot, C. (2014) “Consumer multi-culturation: Consequences of multi-cultural identification for brand knowledge” Consumption Markets and Culture 17 (3), 231-253

Kipnis, E., Broderick, A.J., Demangeot, C., Adkins, N.R., Ferguson, N.F., Henderson, G.R., Johnson, G., Mandiberg, J.M., Mueller, R.D., Pullig, C., Roy, A., and Zúñiga, M. (2013) “Branding Beyond Prejudice: Cultural Branding and Consumer Well-being in Multicultural Marketplaces”  Journal of Business Research 66 (8), 1186-1194

Kipnis, E., Kubacki K., Broderick, A., Siemieniako, D., and Pisarenko, N. (2012) “They don’t want us to become them: brand local integration and consumer ethnocentrism”  Journal of Marketing Management 28 (7-8), 836-864

Kipnis, E., Emontspool, J., and Broderick, A. J. (2012) “Living Diversity. Developing a Typology of Consumer Cultural Orientations in Culturally Diverse Marketplaces: Consequences for Consumption”  Advances in Consumer Research 40

BBR Accelerator 2015 Presentation