Colin Campbell

colin-campbellColin Campbell is an Assistant Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. At a broad level, he examines how the internet, social media, and mobile devices affect marketing theory and practice. His current research examines the impact of social media on advertising and marketing strategy. He is currently working on research to develop a consumer-brand engagement scale and also test both the antecedents and consequences of consumer-brand engagement. He is also researching native advertising, hoping to not only better understand this new advertising form, but also its impact on consumers

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Colin Campbell

Select Publications and Working Papers

Botzenhardt, A., Heinrich, D., and Campbell, C. (forthcoming).“Just Small Talk? Exploring the Impact of Interpersonal Interaction in Virtual Web Communities,” International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising.

Campbell, Colin (2015), “Reconciling the Brand Engagement Construct- Developing a Grounded Definition and Conceptual Framework”

Campbell, Colin and Robert Jewell (2015), “Developing a Behavior-Based Measure of Online Brand-Engagement”

Campbell, Colin and Lawrence Marks (2015), “Good Native Advertising Isn’t a Secret”

Albrecht, C.M., Campbell, C., and Heinrich, D. (2013).“Exploring why consumers engage in boycotts: Toward a unified model,” Journal of Public Affairs, 13(2), 180-189.

Campbell, C., Piercy, N., and Heinrich, D. (2012). “When Companies Get Caught: The Effect of Consumers Discovering Undesirable Firm Engagement Online,” Journal of Public Affairs, 12(2), 120-126.

Colin Campbell, Leyland F. Pitt, Michael Parent, and Pierre R. Berthon (2011), “Understanding Consumer Conversations Around Ads in a Web 2.0 World,” Journal of Advertising, 40 (1), 87-102.

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