Claudio Alvarez

AlvarezClaudio Alvarez is a PhD candidate in Marketing at Boston University Questrom School of Business. He is interested in research questions related to brand meaning that have strategic implications to marketing practice. Claudio’s two major streams of research involve consumer-brand relationships and brand idiosyncrasy. For example, he is currently investigating how consumer-brand relationships change over time and which managerial actions make brand meaning more idiosyncratic. Prior to his PhD, he worked for seven years in the strategy consulting firm Monitor (now Monitor Deloitte). Claudio is joining the faculty of Baylor University as an Assistant Professor in the Fall of 2015.

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Claudio Alvarez

Select Publications and Working Papers

Claudio Alvarez, Susan Fournier, Remi Trudel 2014, “Uniqueness: When Brand Meaning Gets Personal”

Claudio Alvarez, Susan Fournier, Jill Avery, “Where Is This Relationship Going: Turning Points In Consumer-Brand Relationships”

Claudio Alvarez, Susan Fournier 2013, “Relating Badly to Brands”, Journal of Consumer Psychology

Claudio Alvarez, Susan Fournier 2012, “Brands as Relationship Partners: Warmth, Competence, and In-between”, Journal of Consumer Psychology

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