BBR Accelerator 2015

BBR Accelerator 2015 is an intimate, invitation-only 2-day workshop designed to support, encourage, and advance, through mentorship and feedback, the early-stage research of doctoral students, post-docs, and junior faculty with vested interests in the brands and brand relationships domains.

The 2-day workshop includes a mix of general and focused sessions and individual work designed to address the researchers’ concerns about their own research and to provide guidance from mentors whose work has formed the underpinnings of this domain.

To deliver against developmental and mentorship goals, acceptances are limited and the conference size constrained with a total of twelve (12) accepted applicant mentees and sixteen (16) mentors whose work has formed the foundations of brand and brand relationships research.

Accepted workshop participants are partially funded by IBBR and receive waivers of conference registration and dinner fees to help support their attendance. In support of the IBBR mission, special consideration will be given to applicants at less-privileged institutions who lack strong mentorship and financial support.